Christmas Greeting and Thanks from Oasis


Oasis wants to take this opportunity to thank all our ladies, partners, friends and allies for their continued support in what has been a very difficult year.

I also want to reach out to all the people Serena and I have been in communication with Oasis in the past year. For their courage in contacting Oasis in the first instance, and for their continuing transgender journeys. I know their paths will be long and I hope when the time is right they, like many before them will find the courage to visit us all at Oasis.

I also want to thanks all those who are still very much in the “closet” and can only view from afar, by registering on the Oasis website to receive the posts or just by viewing what is happening.

Oasis Stats

In 2021 we had over 26,000 views and over 5600 unique visitors to our site, an increase on last year. Our visitors primarily come from the UK but also from many other countries.

Top Ten Countries

Oasis wishes you a safe, happy and peaceful Christmas, if possible with your family, and I hope we will see you in 2022.

Beccie x

One thought on “Christmas Greeting and Thanks from Oasis

  1. Season’s Greetings !
    Congratulations with the growth in viewings, year-on-year.

    Kind wishes


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