Wonderful Norwich Pride 2022

Who would of thought that when we travelled home from Norwich Pride in 2019, it would be three years before we returned? It’s been quite a journey that we’ve been through; we’ve faced really difficult and testing times. So fingers crossed the craziness of lock down is behind us; certainly just for now, normality is the new normal.
Oh what a relief to be back, just an amazing feeling, almost unbelievable. “Pinch me Dee”, ouch, “no not that hard” I said but it did the trick, I wasn’t dreaming and this was real, we really were at Norwich Pride 2022 to celebrate 50 years of Pride.

From the moment Dee and I arrived to set-up our Oasis stand at The Forum, Norwich was buzzing with excitement and that feel good factor, that is totally synonymous with Pride day. It’s just like Christmas Day on steroids.
Dee, Rachel, Amy, Lauren, Phyllis, Serena, Emma-Jane and Theresa all took turns at stand duty in a really busy Forum. We met some amazing and interesting people of all shapes and persuasions, with many of the young people I spoke to identifying as non binary. The world is changing despite what the media is trying to tell us.
The highlight of the day was the parade through the streets of Norwich, which was very well supported by paraders and spectators alike. If you would like to view the parade, a video can be found on You Tube

A rare shot of Lilly in camera shot on the parade!

Amy is clearly visible about half way through. Me? I was out of camera shot, on the other side of the road talking to anyone who would listen. Not like me at all!
Support for Trans people was very much in evident, and the speeches from the Town Hall were very supportive of our cause. Our whole community know we are under attack, and this is a time to come together. We are stronger together; after 50 years our fight is not won. Trans rights, are human rights.
A big thank you to our little gang who helped during the day or came to see us to say hello. To those who couldn’t make it (sadly Covid and ill health, is still a thing), you weren’t forgotten, and you were at Pride in our hearts. To those who met us, maybe for the first time, use the contact form to get in touch, and we hope to see you soon at one of our meetings.
Don’t forget we have Pride part two, in King’s Lynn on Saturday 20th August. See you there, these are such memorable days.
Much Love
PS Talking of prides, ‘Come On You Lionesses!`