‘Illegal To Be Me’.

What an amazing summer of sport, and here at the Oasis Sports Department we (well me) have been lapping it up.
With so much TV coverage sometimes it’s been hard to get off the sofa, but I have managed to stretch enough to use the remote control to full effect.
What has been so exciting is seeing women’s sport come to the fore, and be truly celebrated in the same way as men’s sport.
If live sport isn’t your thing, maybe the stories behind the action might be of interest. Though they say that sport and politics shouldn’t mix, I recommend the Tom Daley documentary on the BBC iPlayer, ‘Illegal To Be Me’.

Click on this image to see the documentary (you may have to sign in)

This documentary explores the legality of homosexuality across The Commonwealth, in the context of the recent games. It is shocking that in the majority of countries, same sex attraction is still illegal. Whilst the conclusion that this is a result of the policies of the British Empire is rather simplistic, ignoring the impact of any indigenous religious and cultural factors, it is a very moving watch. Tom has always been such a charming and engaging young man, and I’m sure we can all empathise with his feelings being an outsider when he was young, and the fear associated with coming out.
The documentary totally fails to acknowledge the fact that now there isn’t a single sport in the games where a Trans Woman can compete. As far as I can tell, we are restricted to Motor Racing (presumably excepting Formula W) and Equestrianism.
Oh hum, how about The Oasis Games? Egg and Spoon anybody?
Lilly x

2 thoughts on “‘Illegal To Be Me’.

  1. Don’t blame the British empire , things have changed on that department we are a commonwealth now. If blame is to be portioned then blame the Church me thinks

  2. I watched the Tom Daley documentary and the scenes at the end where the Pride flags entered the arena behind Tom and the torch had me in tears.
    That said, more, much more, could have been said about the current state of the sports nation and the total “down” on trans women.

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