January Oasis, what’s good enough for Marie Antoinette….

Cold snap, warm heart. We are pleased to report that freezing January roads did not deter members of our collective from making the arduous trek to Oasis Central. The roads did require prudent driving, but thanks to the local authorities, not the skills of a Finish rally driver. A coat for the Finish winter would have useful.
The journey was worth it as we were treated to a vibrant, enthralling, and inspirational evening with Debs and Katie of Creating Together.

Firstly Debs; demonstrated the wonderful decorative skills of decoupage. Debs explained that the technique was much loved by the French Queen Marie Antoinette. Clearly and concisely, Debs showed us how the simple ingredients of paint, glue, and patterned serviettes, could everyday objects into beautiful objet d’art. Clearly, if you have a beautiful vase, you need something to put in it.

Que Katie. Like Debs before her, Katie used her incredible enthusiasm and outstanding communication skills to demonstrate wild flower arranging. Before our very eyes unpromising bits and pieces of hedgerow, using the humble ivy as a backbone, were turned into a beautiful bouquet.
Finally the cours de gras, Katie popped her fab flower display into Debs’ vase, then with a sleight of hand, night lights, green glass, and foliage were transformed into a stunning table display. Now that was magic!

Supper was provided by soup maker to the bourgeoisie, Me! Even if I say it myself, it weren’t half bad, but if you don’t agree, please direct your complaints to http://www.souplikedishwater.com, who will provide suitable compensation. Pudding was provided by Aldi and Birds custard power, supplemented by the 50th wedding anniversary cake provided by Loraine and Petra. Congratulations L&P, 50 years is quite an achievement.
After a magical evening, in a flash, the evening was finished! I would like to thank everyone who help clear up and return the hall to its usual pristine condition, plus a super big thank you to Debs and Katie. See you both very soon.

So what’s next? Well if you would like me to arrange a workshop where we can experience Katie and Debs’s skills hands-on, please let me know. I would like to arrange something for the late spring if I have enough interest.
Otherwise, Debs and Katie, run workshops throughout the year.

There is lots of information here:
The Creating Together Facebook page
Debs’ ‘Gratitude 43’ New Life Through Art Facebook page
Katie’s Wild Oak Workshop
See you all next month, take care
Oodles of love, have fun in the hedgerows