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Being clinically vulnerable and therefore on lockdown I do miss many things.  Meeting friends, visiting restaurants and going to the theatre.  I’m even missing “the middle of Lidl”!

I’ve sorted my summer outfits recently, but not certain where and when I’m going to be able wear them, except around the garden.

Stody Rainbow Day 2019

I’m also missing getting ready for the picnic on the Rainbow Day at Stody Lodge Gardens and try to relive the marvellous time we had the previous year.

It was so nice to see a few Oasis members at the “Zooming Marvellous” event on Saturday 16th May, when we would normally meet.  I not certain how many bottles got consumed that night, but the wine certainly flowed.  Let’s hope a few more of our ladies connect the next time. Our June meeting was titled Tea Party, so perhaps we could all raise our tea cups and candy fancies at the next meeting.

I think Lilly was the catalyst with her two-part novelette “Escape from the Country” because other ladies in our group have started to send their stories for inclusion on the website.  It’s was lovely to read Denise’s story and Phyllis’s meeting of Denise and subsequent arrival to Oasis at our first 40’s event. Vicky came next, with an outpouring of her inner emotions and fears, but how nice she was about me-all true! Geri’s story, beautifully written about her gender journey I think is similar to many of our journeys. We are expecting Lilly’s and Hazel’s story next. Now I know there are a few more ladies that are considering writing their story, so I look forward to getting these out to you in June/July.  I might even consider writing my story!

Most people appear to be managing our new norm, but here a run down of who I have heard from recently.

Sheila in self isolation

Sheila has had over 80 days of lock down in a very isolated village inhabited by not very friendly people. Sainsburys deliveries have become a lifeline. She is awaiting the birth of her first grandchild due in a few days.

Joanna is still designing the garden and her train layout and almost every evening, as it’s much warmer, dresses in her summer outfits.

Theresa is still sitting in the garden with Alice the ‘van’, waiting for campsites to open again. She’s sad to hear Debenhams in King’s Lynn will not reopen because she’s discovered a taste for Mantaray clothing.

Jenny asked if anyone watched “Dazzling Duets” on BBC4.  She missed it at the time, but watched it on the iPlayer one morning, whilst still dressed in her feminine nightwear. It is brilliant, with something for everyone.

Wendy who we have seen twice at Oasis is well, dressing and sleeping, when she can in her female attire.

Michelle and her son are slowly using all the food in the freezer.  If it gets desperate she may have to eat her son!

Lucy is well and keeps in contact most weeks.

Vicky is preparing to return to work at the cafe.

Recently I was chatting to my good friend Anna G. We were discussing how we could all meet again at Oasis and socially distance. After discussing many different way, from reducing number to a maximum of 10, sitting at opposite end of the tables, or all sitting in a large circle, we hit on the perfect idea. French wheel or great farthingales became popular in England in the 16th century, panniers in the 18th century and crinoline in the 19th century.

I’m sure you’ve all got one from these ” little” dresses tucked away in the wardrobe. They are perfect for her first get together, great for social distancing. Just not certain how I get in the car or through the door of the hall!

Keep safe.



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  1. These stories have been so inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing them.

    Kind regards

  2. Thanks for your blog Beccie. It is so nice to read them. Hope it won’t be too long before we can meet up again.
    Stay safe and well everyone.

    Phyllis and Barry xx

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