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The gorgeous Beccie!

Call me a doom maker but I really do worry about the acceleration of the return of services after our prolonged lock-down and perhaps wish I lived in one of our devolved nations. This government doesn’t seem to give any relaxation of lock-down measures long enough to see if there is a spike in infection rates, and I’m not certain if they care there’s a spike.  It just doesn’t seem the right time to be coming out of lock-down with infection rates of over 600 a day! Well that’s my political rant over with!

Another month passed by as our houses, wardrobes, shoe collections and gardens continue to get their makeovers.

Recently we had a lovely afternoon visit to see Joanna, our first visit out together which hasn’t involved shopping or going to the doctor’s. Even the car was surprised we were travelling further than our local shops!  It was a lovely afternoon. We sat (socially distanced) in a large tent on their back garden and it was so nice to chat with someone face to face outside the immediately family, followed by a lovely look round the garden. We were sad to say goodbye.

We have had both Vicky and Anna G over for a socially distanced take away Sunday lunch which again was lovely and afforded us glimpses of what was once normal!

Pride 2019

Of course this month (25th) would have seen our annual Norwich pride taking place, as well as our second visit to Kings Lynn pride. A chance to be out and proud. Another casualty to Covid-19.  This year it has gone virtual.  Click on this link to view more.

We had a very good virtual Oasis Zoom meeting on Saturday the 18th, with over 17 people (including partners). It was also nice to see two new ladies join us, Davina and Julie. We talked about recent events, as well as the construction of concrete boats. You do learn a lot at these get together!

I’m pleased to say that Serena, even though Oasis is not running its meeting, has also been very busy this month, meeting new people (Lucy and Julie) as well as liaising with a member of Norfolk constabulary to discuss how Oasis might help.  We have also been contacted by Radio Norfolk to comment on the possible changes to the legislation related to “self-identifying”.  Two student’s undertaking research projects, one from Bath and the other from York have also contacted Oasis. If these projects are relevant to you, please afford some time to communicate with them.  (look in the archive post section of the website or use the search button to look for “research”)

Carole has survived her time in hospital and is recovering slowly at home being waited on hand and foot.

Michelle tells me work has gone silly and she’s driving all-round the country.  She needs a second wave to sort out her last 2 shed before the winter.

Anna F, apart from a recent set back has been out and about from cycle rides in full make up, to leisurely walks on Gt Yarmouth beach in her flowing summer dress.  She says her latest discovery is shopping is now bloody awful!

Gemma is keeping busy with her new lady chum, ship spotting in Cromer, with binocular, telescopes and interesting apps. She pass on her best wishes to all the Oasis ladies.

Well that’s about it for this month, keep sending in your stories and articles and see you in August.

Look out for some more ramblings from Lilly’s escape stories as well as some interesting reading from Loraine next month.

Beccie x

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  1. Lovely summary and update. Yes I still consider shopping bloody awful although, as shops are pretty desperate to sell picked up a nice one piece swimsuit from Debenhams at half price for when the the sun does shine again and a quiet piece of Great Yarmouth beach beckons or possibly Corton or Southwold.
    Corton sounds nice to be “caught on camera”

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