The Bressingham Four

In the Deep South of Norfolk sits Bressingham Gardens, this was the venue chosen for the October Oasis Covid safe outing.

You can’t beat a cuppa!

So on Friday 9th October Beccie, Serena, Lorraine and myself, Theresa, decided to chance the weather and meet for a day out, the weather forecast was dire but hey just go for it we all thought.

We made the right decision, arriving at the cafe area we found Serena basking in the glorious sunshine, I felt quite overdressed in trousers and padded coat. The four of us sat for a while in the sunshine with teas and coffees to set us up for the day ahead.

Trans and Trains!

We studied the map and set off in search of the gardens, after a short walk we seemed lost so asked for directions from a passing train driver, who pointed in the opposite direction, I’ll stick to Google Maps from now on, perhaps I had the paper map upside down!😁

The gardens were a lush green, the grass so well manicured and flower beds still providing a colour contrast surprising this late in the year. Couldn’t help thinking what a wonderful summer setting this would be.

We waited a while for a bus but none came.

We didn’t make it around the entire gardens, Foggy Bottom was to be found somewhere at the edge of the grounds but more tea and coffee beckoned.

As soon as we sat in the covered outdoor cafe area it rained, for a whole two minutes, ok we thought, the forecast was right it did rain but didn’t catch us 😁.

With the lack of warming sunshine we next set off to the indoor steam museum and Dads Army museum. Donning face masks and steaming up glasses we wandered around the exhibits and made comparisons to other steam and train museums around the country, this one for me was certainly not awe inspiring. Nice train sets though, I’m sure would enthuse some.

Beccie masked to hid her beauty!

Right we said, time for more tea and coffee we said, and another trip to the Ladies on the way.

Something positive from the fact there were only four of us was a round of drinks cost under a tenner, just.

Sitting around in the café chatting about all things trans we were also watching the passing steam train and the nearby Gallopers. “The Gallopers, we need to ride” somebody said, but we had no ride tickets, the Site Manager just happened to be passing, we thought nothing to lose by asking for a free ride, he said YES.

3 children enjoying themselves

Now to my complete surprise Lorraine leapt out of her seat and nearly ran to the ride regardless of who else was going or how she would actually mount a horse, I just stood back with a camera at the ready thinking this will be good.

Beccie and Serena also approached the ride just as Lorraine stumbled trying to get up the first step, with a bit of help and determination the horse was mounted. The ride began and Serena was delighted the music being played was ABBA, really made her day.

Smiles all round, well under masks anyway.

Serena and Beccie training for the Carers Certificate – Level 1 – getting on and off a horse

So now how does Lorraine get off the ride, it took her several attempts and with the help of gravity dismounted, Beccie and Serena helped her back to terra firma. Lorraine gives her thanks to them both for making such an experience possible but says it was certainly a one off.

Has anyone seen Theresa?

Sadly we ran out of time, the park was closing but we certainly finished on a high, it was a great day, great fun with great company.

It seemed the rain gods were kind to us that day creating an Oasis of fine weather at our location, just a minute down the road in the car was a deluge and flooded roads.

Stay safe everyone

Theresa x

Look out for the November visit.

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  1. It sounds like a great day out & hopefully a spring or summer visit could be organised.
    What do you think Teresa and Lorraine?

  2. I went there several years ago, I enjoyed it and have promised myself another visit, so if another outing is planned there in the future I will try to join in.

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