Transgender Awareness Week

Petra I am indebted to Petra for the two articles that appear in this post.  As we all know Transgender Awareness week ran from Friday 13th to Friday 20th November, with Transgender Day of Remembrance taking place on Friday 20th.

Transgender Awareness Week is to help raise the visibility of transgender people and address issues members of the community face.  So with this in mind Patra, a trans woman, and a member of Oasis has been helping to raise awareness around gender issues this week by publishing her interview in the St. Edmunds Bury free press.

Click on this link or the above image to read her story.

To mark Transgender Day of Remembrance, President-elect Joe Biden issued a statement saying that “2020 has been a year of tremendous suffering and loss” for the transgender community, calling the death of at least 37 transgender and gender-nonconforming people “intolerable.”

“Transgender rights are human rights. To transgender and gender-nonconforming people across America and around the world: from the moment I am sworn in as president of the United States, know that my administration will see you, listen to you, and fight for not only your safety but also the dignity and justice you have been denied,” Biden’s statement said.

To read his statement click on this link.