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Well here we are again, another month has past by and we’re in lockdown v2, with us moving to Tier 2 in December. Lockdown v2 doesn’t seem the same as the last one.  Our children are in education, our young people are in universities, lots of shops are open and a lot more footfall in our streets.  Still the big news this month, apart from the American election is the possible tunnel of light out of this pandemic with the vaccination program. It’s still difficult to know when there will be enough people vaccinated to create heard immunity and safe to return to our Oasis venue. Rest assure when this happens Serena’s splashing out on champagne and cavier for everyone!

Long Tall Sally and Vicky deep in conversation (2011)

When we were meeting, November was often a time when our numbers were lower because many of our ladies travelled for the Beaumont Rotherham weekend run by the late Janette Scott.  The Rotherham weekend was a wonderful opportunity for us to spend the whole weekend in our chosen gender and for our respective partners to meet other partners and share experiences and headaches. That weekend each year for over 20 years, the hotel was  taken over by the trans community and the highlight of the weekend was the gala dinner and dance evening and a chance to dress to impress.  I have never seen so many suitcases and outfits that have been crammed into one car ( usually mine)!

Lilly scooping first place again!

Of  course this month last year Oasis put on it’s very own Strictly Come Dancing evening which rivalled some of the Rotherham gala evenings.  Oh how we miss our monthly evenings!

This month we spared a thought for the sad loss of  lives through violence on the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Our zoom meeting was again very successful, with a good turnout.  Again I would like to thank Petra for setting these evening up and acting as our host.

I’m still on the lookout for your stories and articles to keep us going.  I know many of you out there in the ether, including my good friend Grace in America relish the posts that are delivered to your mailbox each week.  We aim to please.

Look out next month for a ghost story from a new contributor, one of Lilly’s articles from her Escape series and a review of Thursford’s Enchanting evening of Light. Even I might put pen to paper and tell you about my transgender journey.

Now to look through my wardrobe for my Christmas sparkly PPE outfit and wait for the email inviting me to be part of someone’s bubble over Christmas!!

Beccie x

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  1. Janet Scotts “A weekend for Ladies ” at Rotherham, What a lovely reminder of those almost forgotten heady days. A whole weekend to be ourselves without any interruptions. So many changes of dress throughout the day. Long dresses and lots of sparkle for the evening. No wonder our cars were loaded down with suitcases. I guess the removal van seen at these events must have been carrying all your extensive wardrobe BECCIE.
    Laughter, Chatter, Dancing, Food and great friendship. If only……………………………….one day maybe?

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