Oasis February Zoom

Dear Oasis ladies, partners and allies.

Serena, our leader

Our monthly meeting for February is not until the 20th but I thought I would put out a post a bit earlier this month to flag up a few ideas.

Obviously, we would all like to be meeting in person, but we can’t, and we are all extremely grateful to Petra for enabling us to stay in touch by Zoom.

My gut feeling is that, as our enforced lockdown goes on and on, people are becoming more and more fed up and frustrated. Some of my friends have admitted to feeling quite miserable and ‘down’.

I am going to suggest that during our February zoom meeting we include some items that are joyous and uplifting. I am asking for volunteers to speak (for up to 10 minutes) on a subject which will be interesting, entertaining and of interest to the group.

This could be a review of a book you have recently enjoyed, a positive news item, an event that has captured your imagination or an inspiring person you have discovered. Or it could be a hobby or interest that has sustained you during lockdown and you would like to share with the group.

The only proviso is that it should interest, amuse or inspire us and ‘raise our spirits’.

Joanna’s boats and trains talk

I suggest we limit it to two or three people spaced throughout the evening. If more than three volunteer, and it goes well, then we could continue the idea in March and possibly beyond.

If you feel you would like to book a slot to talk, please complete the reply box below and I will get in touch with you. A response no later than Saturday, 13th Feb would be appreciated.

Stay well and stay safe. I know that some of you have already had your first Covid vaccination (mine was on the 1st) so by the time we meet again it will be interesting to know how many of us have been ‘done’.

Love and best wishes,


3 thoughts on “Oasis February Zoom

  1. I think this is a brilliant Idea, I have been feeling very down of late, and we all need a lift this time of year with the Winter Blues, but with the Covid situation on top we need it all the more Love and Hugs Julie

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