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Happy New Year to you all.

Welcome to lockdown 3.

Have you had your vaccination yet? I know some of our more mature ladies have had theirs, while the rest of us wait patiently in the ever increasing queues. As I am one of the youngest members of Oasis (see image) so I won’t get mine until probably next year!

It is now almost a year since we were able to meet face to face at our normal Oasis venue. January’s have traditionally been difficult times to run an Oasis meeting as often numbers are reduced or the threat of inclement weather makes people less inclined to travel long distances. You try cycling uphill on a bicycle in a snow drift with a chiffon dress on!

This time last year Serena ran a Mamma Mia- the Party evening. What were the chances that she would have an appropriate outfit stashed away in her dressing up wardrobe to win 1st prize!!  In previous years we have run “Between the Wars”, a “Burns Night” and a celebration of “Chinese New year”. Feast you eyes on these events and these gorgeous beauties!

Our first zoom meeting of 2021 was a full house with several new members as well as the old favourites.  We discussed a variety of topic with the help of Miss Gendered and Dee D. Poll. It was lovely to meet Nicola and Lauren.

On the subject of gender did you know that weather storms are named well in advance in alphabetical order with alternating male/female names?  Our last storm was Christoph, with the next one to be called Darcey and the previous one being Bella.  More people die in female named storms that male ones.  Why you may ask?  People are less cautious because they think a female storm will be less powerful and therefor they take more risks compared to male named one.  How strange that even in today’s society we still cling onto gender preconceptions!

Please keep sending me any new info you would like to pass on as posts. Looking forward to Lilly’s final instalment “Escape from France”, her story of how she evades the French police and the border forces to return to England disguised as a nun!  Our book worm, Lorraine, is behind on her instalments too. So if you’ve got a story to tell send it in.

In the meantime stay safe and please follow all the rules. Now I must go and book my next holiday. I thought a short flight to South Africa, then a return and 2 week stay in a luxurious hotel in England.

Beccie x

3 thoughts on “January Oasis Blog

  1. Hopefully everyone will get their jabs before long. I had mine last Thursday Barry is having his next Tuesday. It will be lovely to lead a normal life again and do all the thing we have missed doing over the last year. Phyllis and Barry xx

  2. Having inoculation (posh) this Wednesday at 11:20 am. Location secret to avoid my groupies. Will consider dress code for this major event. After visiting GP in November wearing skirt and top much to wife’s concern and then being kind of reprimanded by surgery nurse for not coming en femme last month for my six month blood test debate now concerns what mode of dress it will be. A matter presently dominating Anna’s little household. The good lady’s appointment time is the same you see. A challenging debate for some of us others will understand. Overall its a bit sad when the highlight of the social calendar is an inoculation.

    1. Well Anna you are now in a gender dilemma of gigantic proportions. Do you go as Anna for your jab and upset the wife or do you go an your male persona and upset the nurse. Who do you live with? Well your mind is made up!

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