High heels laid low by lockdown run on trainers

My attention was grabbed by this headline in the Sunday Times of 10th January. It goes on to say “If the adage is true that the higher the heel, the better you feel the sales of stilettos would be soaring as women seek to give themselves a lift in these dark times.” But this is not the case. People are not going out and sales of heels have plummeted as sales of trainers have soared.

Analysts have previously argued that heel heights grow during recessions and can be used as an economic indicator like hemlines and lipstick. In tough times, shoppers typically turn to more flamboyant fashion as a means of fantasy and escape.

But Kurt Geiger are not releasing a single new heel in their Spring/Sumer collection, focussing instead on flats and trainers. Manolo Blahnik still sells the £795 blue satin heels famously worn by Carrie Bradshaw in the 2008 Sex and the City film, but it has launched a completely flat version for £30 less!

You may have noticed that I love heels and own more pairs than I should. When I was very young I secretly tried on the heels of my mother, my aunt, and my cousin. Only much later was I able to buy my own and since then have been making up for lost time.

I have always regarded the classic stiletto heeled court shoe as a work of art, epitomised by the style called ‘So Kate’ by Christian Louboutin. Louboutin once described himself as ‘a very naughty man who puts some of that naughtiness into his shoes’. With their trademark red soles, 12cm heel and £545 price tag, I coveted a pair.

And here they are.

I’m joking, of course. These are, in fact, made by a company called Onlymaker and available on Amazon at £37.99 (up to UK size 13). A pot of red sole paint (£4.99 on ebay) and – voila! My So Kate look-alikes. I have twice been accosted whilst wearing them by ladies in the know, one of whom bought her pair at the Louboutin shop in Paris, and they were completely fooled. I know I can rely on you all to keep my secret.

Heels will return. The question is when the first party will be held at which guests can wear a pair of heels and no facemask.


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  1. Same here, especially as I have had knee replacement, I once asked my counsellor, how she managed her reply was with” great difficulty ”
    Hazel x

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