February Oasis Zoom Meeting

Hello again Oasis ladies, partners, friends and allies.

I went highbrow last night and logged on to the tour of The National Gallery for LGBTQ+ History Month. Many thanks to Petra for flagging this up back in December. We were treated to five curators and artists choosing and talking about their favourite works with an LGBTQ+ theme. It was heavily biased towards L, G and B with just a nod to the T by reference to a picture which included Joan of Arc.

I was immediately transported back to an Oasis evening in 2017 when the theme was French night. I had great fun creating Joan of Arc, an appropriate choice as, when she was found guilty and burned at the stake in 1431, the charges against her included heresy, witchcraft and crossdressing. It is depressing that, nearly 600 years later, crossdressing is still considered a crime in so many countries around the world. Anyway, the National Gallery tour was well worth watching and I learnt a great deal.

So I’m flagging up our next Oasis zoom meeting on Saturday, 20th February at 7pm. We have a visitor joining us from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital to tell us about the Patient Engagement Experience Team. They are keen to engage with all groups in the community in order to provide the best possible service and would welcome your feedback.

Throughout the rest of the evening we have Joanna giving us an update on her model-making during lockdown, Hazel roaming around America and Julie in the little girls’ room without a screwdriver. There will be plenty of time for chat in between. As a courtesy I am going to ask you to mute your microphone while the speaker is speaking and ask questions at the end.

Love and best wishes as always,

Serena X