May Zoom

We are slowly getting there! When we zoom on 15th May, it will only be two days until the next significant relaxation of covid restrictions. That will enable us to meet in groups of up to 30 outdoors (weather permitting) or up to six or two family groups indoors. I hope we can then enjoy a greater degree of socialising – we certainly need it!

‘This day in history’

EDSAC used to calculate Serena’s age!

We have often discussed the importance of the internet in giving us access to information that, for most of our lives, was simply not available. Last week was my birthday – May 6th. I was born 72 years ago in 1949 and on that very day, the very first computer – EDSAC – was fired up at Cambridge University. The original only exists now as photographs, but a replica has been made as part of an exhibition. We have come a long way in my lifetime in so many ways.

The May Oasis zoom will be on Saturday, 15th May, at 7pm, courtesy of Petra. There will not be any scheduled talks this month – we will, instead, be busking it.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Love and best wishes to you all.