May Oasis Blog

Well the time has arrived once more for me to put pen to paper and write the monthly blog. Whilst April was reported as being one of the coldest months, May has got to be the wettest!  How lucky we were to visit Thrigby nature Park at the end of April and enjoy wall to wall sunshine, be it a little chilly.

In my blogs I alway try to think back to events that Oasis  has run in the past, so as we go down memory lane I take you back to 2017 when we had a French evening.

French Evening – May 2017

At huit heures our resident  chef,vicky served french onion soup with a croque-monsieur followed by a dessert of a choux bun with a coating of the finest Belgium chocolate. 

Six ladies took part representing  all elements of the french theme.

First up was Joan of Arc, resplendent in her regalia and carrying her banner, which had been hand stitched by Joan with meticulous detail while in prison awaiting her fate.

Then we had Fefe and Meme the two French maids, who just happened to have an outfit at the back of their wardrobes. Both trying to outdo each other in who can flash the most legs!

Next up was Glinda a refugees, exiled from the Calais camp on the northern coast of France. She had stories to tell of her intrepid escape across the English channel strapped to the trans-drive bearings of a 40 ton artic.

The winner on the night

What an honour it was to be in the company of Marcel Marceau younger sister Paulette who had trained with him and demonstrated the same “art of silence” as she moved herself around the invisible glass cube.

Finally we had a very illumination performance from Yvette Carte-Blanche, from La Résistance, who had concealed about her person a revolver, a picture of The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobie, and her pièce de résistance by revealing her tutu in the colours of the trans movement – was there no stopping this charleton!

It was a wonderful evening and a reminder of the fun that Oasis is.  Let’s hope that we can follow the prescribed road map set out by Boris and in the next few month we can return to our face to face meetings at St Georges.

This month saw the Stody Rainbow day, reconvened after an absence due to Covid-19 which took place on Saturday 22nd May.  I couldn’t make it this year as I was visiting and staying overnight with my relations who I had not seen in person since November last year. I know despite inclement weather everyone had a great day, so look out for the post about this.  It was lovely that Emma Jane and Lauren were able to attend.

Terresa will again, as the trips facilitator. be surfing the web for a possible outing in June. Keep a look out for the post.

Finally as restrictions have started to lift and early in the month outside eating was allowed, it gave me an opportunity to meet Donna and Rachel, two new contacts.

Last month I also met, on zoom, Tanya.  If your still out there please reconnect with Oasis.

As we return to some kind of normality we continue to reach out via our website to people who need help and support.

Stay safe.

Beccie x