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Welcome again to old and new members of Oasis. As we head towards the end of another month its time to write down some more thoughts and memories. I cannot believe that we are already half way through 2021. I’m afraid its all downhill from now on with the nights getting longer.

It’s been a funny month with glorious weather ( if a little too hot) at the start of the month to much lower temperatures at the end. We continue to get request through the websites mailbox for support and help, and try to answer them as soon as we can. There is no doubt there has been increased activity during lockdown and we all hopeful that we may at last, be able to have face to face meetings soon. Cancel all your appointment for Saturday 21st August, sort your outfit out and get ready to party!

As I go down memory lane this month I think of the special relationship Oasis has had with M &Co. It was the trans weekend run by the Northern Concord, in Chesterfield that I first came across M&Co as a company keen to cater for the trans community.
During my time of running Oasis (2008 – 2018) our fashion shows were usually around June, and Beth and her colleagues from the Cromer M&Co branch would join us for the evening.

What self respecting lady would not miss the chance to snap up a bargain from the reduced rail or even purchase a full price item just in. There was always an offer of ” spend £30 and get 20% off” and frankly it was like Primark on a sale day!

Six of our ladies would volunteered to act as models with the chance to strut the catwalk an offer often too difficult to resist.

Unfortunately I was not able to make the zoom meeting this month on Saturday 19th June, as I was visiting parents and preparing for my eldest sons’ wedding on Monday 21st June. It had been a difficult time with different invitations for guests because of Covid rules, but as it turned out everyone managed to attend the wedding even if we had bingo in the evening instead of the traditional dancing.

Finally on Sunday 27th June (rescheduled from Friday) we had a lovely outing to East Ruston gardens near Stalham where we broke the rule of 6 for the first time with of 9 of us attending. The weather was again kind to us and it was so nice to be able to sit together in the sunshine after being such a long time in the “dark age”. Look out for Theresa thrilling post coming out soon.

Well all that leave me to do is ask you to safe safe and well and hopefully we’ll see you all together in August.

Beccie x

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  1. Thank You All you lovely Lady’s
    You All are a wonderful inspiration.
    Gracie @ Suffolk across the pond

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