Another month, another Oasis garden visit

Oasis watering hole!

Friday July 23rd several of us ladies met at what turned out to be a lovely venue, Hoveton Hall Gardens. Beccie, Lauren, Joanna, Katie, Lorraine and myself Theresa thoroughly enjoyed our day.
We all first met at a conveniently located cafe just before the garden entrance, lots of outdoor seating and plenty indoor space if required, we we’re comfortably seated outside enjoying the welcomed slightly cooler weather following several days of heatwave, the sky was overcast but thankfully the summer storms were not here today.
So lovely to meet people again without Covid restrictions, being an entirely outdoor venue I think relieved any anxieties.
Drinks, lunch and natter was most enjoyable, the food was superb, the menu started at the top with pan fried mullet then went on to list a few other options which looked a foreign language to me, I neither knew what they were or able to pronounce the words.
I settled for what turned out to be roasted vegetables and cous cous, no idea how to pronounce its name.
The cafe is certainly worth visiting with or without the gardens for foodie types, advertised was tapas and wine for Friday evenings if anyone fancies that.

Once fed and watered we all paid our monies and wandered off down the yellow brick road (oh how my imagination wanders), we firstly arrived at the Spider Garden, very pretty inside with immaculate grass. Behind the Spider Garden was a lovely Victorian style walled herb garden, lots of ripened berries too, we never ate any, honest. Let me know if this house is ever for sale!

Babes in the Wood
Joanna and Katie discussing Pelargoniums

Next was a trek through the Ashmanhaugh Wood to find the Kidney Lake, looked a bit murky so we didn’t hang about.

Being mindful of Lauren struggling with the walking and Lorraine pushing her own wheelchair in sometimes boggy ground the pace was steady with lots of rest stops, oh and please somebody next time stop me from wearing 4 1/2 inch heels for a garden outing, feet were killing.
Next destination down the road was the Glasshouse, quite a disappointment when we got there, yes it was an old looking glasshouse but not particularly ornate and inside were just a few plant pots spread around the few shelves, quite comical really.

The Glasshouse was located close the to the actual Hall and we could hear and just about see the residents playing ball in the swimming pool, how the other half live.
Scanning the map for the shortest route back we headed through the Water Garden, was lovely, was all lush green with some fast flowing water and what looked like the beginnings of a large lake, very tranquil. We had some fun catching baby frogs and removing them from the footpath area for their safety.
Finally back at the cafe for more tea and cake, we found ourselves to be the only visitors left, closing time already, time really did fly. Tempting to stay on for evening tapas😉

Again a lovely Oasis day, whether you like gardens or just like some good company in a safe space, I really can recommend joining future outings.
Hope to see some of you at Mid Norfolk Railway 1940’s event.
Theresa x

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  1. It was another very enjoyable outing with great company and good food thank you Theresa, looking forward to the next time x

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