Serena’s October Post



Some of you will know that I have become involved with the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in an advisory capacity with particular reference to ensuring trans people get the best possible care in the health system. I need your help with regard to the dementia panel. If transgender people develop dementia, it can result in a range of difficulties, some of which can be very distressing. Our aim is to understand the specific needs of trans people with dementia in order to provide appropriate care. If you have experience of relatives or friends who are in this position, I would very much like to hear from you. It is important we receive both the positives and the negatives – what is working and what isn’t. Please contact me at


Finally, I am thinking ahead to an Oasis Christmas meal as we have done in past years. A chance to dress up, go out and enjoy ourselves. I have made enquiries at the Marsh Harrier on the A140, just off the southern bypass. They are very welcoming and the food is good. I have made a reservation for 20 people for Tuesday, 7th December. If you would like to attend, please complete the response box below ASAP. I would like to firm up on numbers as soon as possible so that I can increase the number if required.

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