A Warm Oasis at Langham Glass

How do you find somewhere suitable for an Oasis visit in chilly February? Well, simply find somewhere that has three furnaces and a large oven running 24/7, that’s exactly what we found during our visit on Friday 10th February.

Geri, Serena, Lilly, Rachel and me Theresa received a warm welcome when we met at the Langham Glass visitor centre in Fakenham, hot drinks were served and I have to say their coffee was up there with the best. We stayed in the café for a simple lunch and more drinks and chat before realising time was running away from us, we were booked in to see a glass blowing demonstration at 2:00pm.

We took some time to browse the shop, such beautiful glass animals, birds, vases, ornaments and much more, prices were reasonable, if only I hadn’t spent so much money in the January sales, will certainly return when I need to buy a gift or two.

In good time we paid the £6.95 fee for the glass blowing demonstration and were ushered into the front row of the seated viewing area. The glassblowing team included three experienced blowers and one young apprentice lady whose primary role was to talk us through the various activities while the others were making a selection of glass pieces, she did assist during some of the work but as she explained the other guys had years of experience behind them and her skills were so far, limited.

First a glass fox was made followed by a vase and a dish, all demonstrating their skills and teamwork, the forty five minute demo finished with a bang, literally, a large glass bubble was blown until it looked ready to burst, it was burst in a controlled way at the back of the room and was incredibly loud.

At the end of the demo, Geri, who paid extra for a glassblowing experience was invited to make a whisky glass, she blew like a pro, right first time and the glass was taken away to the oven for overnight annealing. Geri I hope the glass serves you well, cheers.

The afternoon was finished off back in the café, coffees all round sat in comfy chairs, more friendly chat before it was time to leave.

Hope to see many of you at the next Oasis meeting.

Theresa x