The ‘i’s have It – February Oasis

Beware the students of Oasis College have just graduated from the Diane Simpson University of Graphology, and with our new skills, we are going to read your hand writing and make instant judgements about you!

Well perhaps not, as during her engaging and fascinating presentation, Diane showed that our intuition is often wrong. Many of us choosing to ‘spend an evening’ with a notorious criminal, rather than Kate and Wills, based on our untrained assessment of their writing.

We learnt that way we dot our ‘i’s gives away a lot about our personalities. Exuberant ‘i’ doting, shows a propensity for showing off. We all looked at our writing littered with wild and curly dots, who’d have thought!

Our handwriting changes with our mood, and is influenced by our cultures; apparently some of our friends on the other side of Channel have some funny habits.

What did we learn? The only safe way of communicating with Diane, is cutting letters out of a newspaper.

Diane had kindly donated two copies of her book ‘The Analysis of Handwriting: Personality and Character’, which we raffled and raised £55 for The Disasters Emergency Committee Appeal for the Turkey – Syria earthquake. Thank you to everybody who bought a ticket (Those of you missed out in the raffle, Diane’s book is still available on AbeBooks).

In a very busy meeting, supper was fish and chips produced by the local chippy. Thank you to Theresa for organising and collecting the food, and Amy for collecting the cash.

Our second guests were PC’s Vicky (Broadland & South Norfolk Engagement Officer) and Anna (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Engagement Officer). Vicky and Anna talked about their incredibly busy jobs, reaching out to various minority groups across the county, and their lives as women in the modern police force. Vicky and Anna are a credit to their uniform.

Finally in a well attended meeting we had great pleasure in welcoming new member Alex and welcoming back both Stacey and Petra. Our final lesson? Don’t stay away too long, or you will miss something good at The Oasis University, where we are always learning.

Now where are the scissors and my copy of The Sporting Life?

Love is all around
PS Amy has done a wonderful job welcoming people to our meetings and collecting the cash, but we are also reminded that we are missing someone. For many years Joanna was our regular door woman, and just now, she is not well enough to attend our meetings. Joanna we miss you, take care and get well soon x

4 thoughts on “The ‘i’s have It – February Oasis

  1. Thank you so much Lilly, that’s a real boost to know
    that I’m not forgotten.
    The treatment seems to be going well & staff are amazing,
    no one took any notice of my pink toe nails or new black knickers. What can I do next?
    It’s a bit of a chore going to the hospital every day but it has to be done until final treatment 21st April.
    Love and best wishes to everyone, I miss you all.
    Joanna. xxx

    1. Nice to hear from you Joanna. Wish you all the best and hope the treatment is the success. Xx

  2. Hi really sorry we have been missing from meetings but we are struggling with mum at the moment. As she can see she is not keen to attend anything that requires looking at anything. We are doing our best to talk her round but she is standing her ground. She loved the meetings when we could just chat.

    Take care, love to everyone.

    1. Dear Jules, Claire and Pam
      We love having you all at our meetings and missed seeing you in February. We hope you feel able to attend this month, when we will have more time to have a natter.
      Stay well Pam.
      See you soon.

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