March Oasis – Beautiful Books

As mine own carriage did pull up outside Statis house the humour wast gath’ring, t’s going to beest right pea soup’r chirp’d Amy.

Rememb’ring not to parketh in Stacey’s parking space, we did swing into the carriage parketh. As the fog thickened, the scene tooketh on an e’rie humour, the hairs on the backeth of mine own neck did rise, as in the distance we couldst heareth birds of the night hooting, dogs baying and wolves howling. Suddenly the breeze hath carried the soundeth of whistles, the Peeleth’rs w’re tracking down yet anoth’r convict on the runneth from N’rwich Goal.

Then as if ‘t be true by charm, in a scene reminiscent of only Daws and H’rses, out of the humour hath appeared Bat Girl, Ann of Green Gables, the whole of Jungle Booketh, Cruella de Ville (minus 100 of h’r Dalmatians), and Calamity Geri. Oasis can taketh thee anywh’re, and frequently doest!

Stand ho messing about, and holp me putteth the benches out, hath said Rachel, T’s timeth f’r Oasis to bray out W’rld Booketh night!

Ah, what an evening ensu’d as we learneth yond Misseth Havisham wast neith’r nimble-footed n’r vengeful but surprisingly nice oft. P’rhaps the lady is one of hist’ry’s misund’rstood charact’rs; p’rhaps a did bite liketh Richard III. F’rtunately tonight, nobody hadst the hump, unlike Dickie!

Our evening weav’d a wond’rous tale of gl’rious st’ries. Geri hath shown h’r romantic side by regaling us with the ballad of Harp-Weaver by Pulitzer prize winning auth’r Edna St. Vincent Millay. Carole remind’d us of her wond’rful wit by reading a selection of witty poems from Candy is Dandy by Ogden Nash. V’ry much in Carole’s voice.

Talking of wit, Georgina readeth an amusing article by journalist and auth’r Bernard Levin on Shakespeare’s influenceth on the English language.

Recommend’d books did include The Secret Garden, the volumes of All Creatures Most Wondrous and Bawbling, the w’rks of Neil Shute, the adventures of Jim Hawkins in Treasure Island, Cid’r with Rosie, and the quite quaint st’ry Still Life by Sarah Wenman, wh’re the quite quaint city of Florence is one of the leadeth charact’rs.

At the heart of the evening wast our v’ry owneth Serena’s p’rf’rmance piece ’Ken, To Be Destroyed’, bas’d on a booketh by Sara Davidmann, S’rena did create and p’rf’rm’d a wond’rful talking headeth drama bas’d on the life of Ken, playing the role of Audrey, Ken’s sist’r in law. As the narrative did play out, we cameth to und’rstand yond Ken hadst a secret self; and wast a Trans pione’r in the 50s. We did see Ken’s life through the prism of a collection of lett’rs writ by Ken’s jointress Hazel to Audrey. The rawness of the st’ry resonat’d with many of the spellbound audience, as S’rena expl’r’d the v’ry familiar themes of living a doubleth life, a deep, guilty, and closely did guard secret, and the feareth of exposure. Challenging the gender norm is nev’r easy. especially m’re than sixty years ago. Some art b’rn Trans, some achieveth Trans and some has’t trans did thrust upon those folk.

Suddenly we becameth acknown of the timeth, and the spelleth wast broken as the horologe tick’d toward midnight, t wast timeth to leaveth bef’re the full moon hath reached its zenith and we transf’rm’d into something h’rrible and hairy. Wast th’re something lurking in the shadows, p’rhaps something hath called Manfred!!

if ‘t be true thee loveth books, i recommendeth ‘Between The Cov’rs` on BBC2 on a Monday evening. Anon, wh’re is mine own agent’s phoneth numb’r? How didst Olivia Coleman receiveth the Havisham gig on the BBC and not me? What hast the lady did get yond i haven’t? Oh, talent p’rhaps.

Loveth to all thee bookw’rms

PS. Sara Davidmann’s booketh, ‘Ken.To Be Destroyed’ is still available on amazon, although t is quite expensive at nearly £50.
PPS. Sara’s projecteth eke involv’d a numb’r of artw’rks. Thee can findeth out m’re using this link
Ken Art Exhibition
PPPS. We planeth to produceth a video v’rsion of S’rena’s ‘Ken’, gaze this space

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