April Oasis – Regrets? No. No regrets

All Oasis Meetings are special, but April’s gathering was simply magnifique!

We were treated to a wonderful performance by Jane Bishop, who led us on a whistle-stop journey, from Ipswich to Paris, onto the discos of Cairo, across the world to the Karaoke bars in Tokyo, and via the rolling dance floors of cruise liners, back home again. When the siren call of Miss Bluebell lured Jane back to the romantic city of Paris and the Lido theatre, Jane could, could! Who could blame her, and on Saturday we tagged along for the thrill of it all.

Jane a wonderful raconteur, shared the narrative of her life, after a teenage growth spurt propelled her from ballet classes to living the dream as a showgirl. In telling her tale, Jane treated us to marvellous renditions of ‘Chasson D’Amour`,’ Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien` and ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas’. There was not a dry eye in the house, as Jane broke our hearts. 

We were also treated to close encounters with Karen Carpenter and Pans People, then transported back to 7:30 pm on a Thursday evening, and the essential viewing of TOTPs for us rock kids.

After an enthralling evening, we were treated to a stunning performance of the ‘Can Can’, tres bien, Jane, tu es impeccable. Merci beaucoup!

The members of Oasis are kind and generous, and as the evening, drew to a close the raffle raised £165 for The Lilac Ladies. Gaye from the group, explained how the Lilacs had raised more than half a million pounds for cancer research. Our contribution would become part of a bursary to support a PhD student currently working in this area. Most of us have been touched by cancer in our lives, and we can only marvel at this incroyable and life saving fund raising. You can out more about the Lilac Ladies (Ladies In League Against Cancer) activities here

It was wonderful to see a full hall, where we were able to welcome not one, not two but trois new members; Robyn, Jean plus Amy and Sue. It always a joy to see members old and new. More tears, must be my hormones! We also joined by contingent of Lilacs, thanks girls, and other friends and family.

Oasis is a team game and it’s in our DNA for everybody to lend a helping hand; extra special thanks go to Dee, our top sparky, for creating such atmospheric lighting and not blowing the fuses. To Michelle for a royal command performance at the sink and Jenny for her best supporting role with the dish cloth. To our Amy for her energy and diligence in setting up the room and collecting money without menaces, not forgetting Tina and Serena. If I have missed you, thank you for your contribution, and please forgive me as I am a blond girl with a very little brain.

Finally Tapas! All I can say is, Tapas is best left to the Spanish, though the Angel Delight was a triumph. I’ve subsequently had a strong word with Chef, and she’s now considering a new career. Which one? Showgirl obs! 

Finally, Jane thank you, nous t’adorons, encore!
A prochaine fois
x ❤️❤️❤️

One thought on “April Oasis – Regrets? No. No regrets

  1. Lilly,
    Moi Aussie, je n’ai aucun regret. En fair j’ai passé un merveilleux moment. Principlement parce que je me sentais en securite et entre amis.
    Mercy beaucoup.

    Sent from Jean Georgie Bush

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