Whitwell & Reepham Railway

It was full steam ahead for Oasis ladies on Sunday 7th May at Whitwell & Reepham railway.

The venue proved to be popular with a good turnout including Amy, Lauren, Lilly, Amy & Sue, Serena, Katie, Alex, Jean, Dee, Beccie, Lorraine and myself Theresa.

We all met in the café/bar at around 11:30am and drinks and chat flowed, was lovely to spend time getting to know some of the newer ladies and sharing tales and experiences.

We stayed inside for lunch which I have to say was just adequate, food was nothing special but it filled our little tums and provided fuel for the coming afternoon.

The weather remained fine and turned out to be the warmest day of the year so far, a pleasant break from the winter coats and umbrellas of late, so before going to the ticket office to enquire about train ride times we happily took our coats back to the car.

The train tickets cost five pounds each and we all booked the 2:30pm departure, the timing worked well for us, enabling a coach load of visitors to complete their rides first.

Once all boarded we almost had the carriage to ourselves and had the full attention of the conductor,  he was a lovely chatty man making us feel especially welcome discussing how he embraced LGBT+ diversity, although sometimes getting his wording a bit muddled he meant well, he even pulled out his rather cute gold sparkly phone case and explained how it was purchased in error but kept it because he wasn’t concerned with what other people thought, it was his and he liked it and that’s that. If only everyone was so broad minded.

Dee kindly stayed a little way down the track to take some photos.

The ride itself was quite short, I think just one mile but was enough to appreciate the noise, smell and movement of a steam loco, I understand the railway group have been trying for years to extend the track and I can tell by their enthusiasm they’ll never give up trying.

After the ride it was time for more drinks, cake and chat, this time sitting in the café garden in pleasant warm sunshine.

What a lovely lazy Sunday afternoon.

Theresa x