May Oasis – Handbags and Gladrags

On a pleasant May Saturday evening, twenty-five intrepid souls boarded The Good Ship Oasis and successfully navigated The Fashion Triangle. Working with our partners, The Community Wardrobe represented by Jasper and K, and Emmaus, represented by Charlton and Alex, we spend a convivial time cleansing our wardrobes and rummaging for something new to fill the space.

At our celebration of sustainable fashion, we swapped dresses for shoes, bags for skirts, and jumpers for goalposts. A bit like a WI ‘Bring And Buy’ on steroids, did you find what you were looking for? No? Still need a friend to go shopping with? Great I’m your girl!

With my wish list in my delicate little hand, I dived into the throng, sadly I couldn’t find any blue suede shoes, but did spot a raspberry beret, found that the angels want to wear my red shoes, and ascertained that Clare is the real Blondie.

Bounding up the Oasis gangplank, once again came new members Amy & Sue, Robyn, and Penny The Salty Sea Dog. Already aboard we found Susanna playing deck quoits. Susanna was back at Oasis after a six-year gap to her last meeting. Never forget, the door to HMS Oasis is, and always will be, open wide. All members, be you regulars or returners, we promise you a warm welcome. Come on, test your sea legs.

HMS Oasis doesn’t sail itself, and a first class crew is essential. In the galley, Amy did an amazing job producing a wonderful spread of succulent food, and deep in the engine room kitchen sink, Petra made a superhuman effort with the clearing and washing up. Thank you to everybody who swabbed the deck and rearranged the deck chairs.

As I said earlier, we were joined by two worthy causes. The Community Wardrobe run by Jasper of The Norwich Trans Pride organisers. Quoting Jasper…  It’s 2023 – clothes are expensive and finding something affordable to give you a little spark of euphoria is tough! If you’re trans+, queer, questioning or not – all are welcome in the Community Wardrobe. Everything is free, always – any donations are welcome, with all funds raised going directly to Norwich Trans Pride 2023 🏳️‍⚧️

Emmaus Norfolk & Waveney is a homelessness charity providing more than just a bed for the night to people who have experienced homelessness and social exclusion. You can find out more about the essential work of Emmaus here.

Enjoy The Sunshine, Carpe Diem
Love To The Moon And Back

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