Lily’s Story

A big thank you to Joanna and Phyllis for passing onto me information about Lily’s transgender story. Filmed over five years, this is the story of Lily Jones and her transition from male to female – a journey which began when she was 15 and living with her farming family in mid Wales. Her life … More Lily’s Story

October Book Worm

The Book Worm has new spectacles! Now the nights are drawing in it’s an even better time to put your feet up and start reading.  Do make sure that you have adequate lighting though.  I’ve just got new spectacles which are helping.  There is Macular Degeneration in my family so I am keen to have … More October Book Worm

Escape to the Past

Lilly continues with her Escape series… I’ve always loved history and the history of science. I like the motto; ‘how do you know where you are going, when you don’t know where you’ve been?’. These days, I have another important history question; how do I get my hands on the keys to Lucy Worsley’s dressing … More Escape to the Past