Lily’s Story

A big thank you to Joanna and Phyllis for passing onto me information about Lily’s transgender story.

Filmed over five years, this is the story of Lily Jones and her transition from male to female – a journey which began when she was 15 and living with her farming family in mid Wales.

Her life has been captured throughout, including this new chapter in which Lily is preparing for her next step, gender reassignment surgery, as well as making the big move of leaving behind her rural family home in Aberystwyth for a new life in Birmingham.

City life is just one change for Lily who is also loving her first job, and the start of a brand new relationship when everything is thrown into chaos by the unexpected and sudden complications of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Her story is available on iplayer by click on this link.

One thought on “Lily’s Story

  1. I really enjoyed Lilys’ Story. What a lovely young woman. Her parents are so proud of her.
    I had to laugh when her dad called her by her previous name. It reminded me of when I call Denise John. When I make that mistake he calls me Bert.

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