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So we’ve had encouraging news from Boris concerning the ‘roadmap out of lockdown’. All the dates are subject to a continued fall in the rates of infection and hospital admissions.

  • 8th March: 2 people from different households can meet outside.
  • 29th March: 2 households or the rule of 6 can meet outside including private gardens.
  • 12th April: Pubs and restaurants can serve food outside. Zoos and theme parks can open.
  • 17th May: up to 30 people can meet outdoors. 6 people or two households can meet indoors. Pubs and restaurants can seat people indoors. Museums, theatres and cinemas can open.
  • 21st June: all limits on social contact removed.

The rules about wearing facemasks are not clear. It is possible, even after 21st June, they may be strongly recommended, or mandatory on public transport and during the winter.

This means the earliest date for a return to St George’s hall is 17th July, but this is very much in the lap of the gods. Fingers crossed! However, it may be time, as Beccie flagged up, for Theresa and Lorraine to think about possible outdoor venues in the not too distant future.

The National Census 2021

A quick word about the census. There are two questions of particular interest to us. Q3 is: sex? Answer: male or female. A note tells you a question on gender identity follows later. Q27 (voluntary): is the gender you identify with the gender you were assigned at birth? Answer: yes or no and write your new identity.

The original guidance was to answer Q3 according to the sex on your birth certificate. More recently, and controversially, the ONS has stated it can be answered using the sex on your passport or driving licence. Controversial because it has polarised the positions of women’s rights groups and trans rights groups.

If a person is transgender, it seems to me sensible to answer Q3 with your sex assigned at birth and Q27 to indicate your new identity as a different gender. This is surely the only way the ONS will get accurate data about the numbers of people who transition (in its broadest sense) and be able to plan for and provide appropriate services. The census is confidential and Q27 is voluntary.

I couldn’t resist adding an update on my last post about the demise of high heels during lockdown. The front cover of Style magazine last Sunday clearly indicates that ‘heels are back’. I included the picture especially for Carole who absolutely adores ‘Paris heels’!

I hope those of you who joined the zoom session on 20th February enjoyed the new format. I’ve had some positive feedback so would like to carry on for the March and April meetings. I already have two speakers so I’m looking for some more willing volunteers. If you would like to have a go, please complete the box below.


Keep a look out for the post on Monday, 15th March to sign up for the zoom meeting on 20th.

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  1. Hopefully the visits will include; Stody Gardens, East Ruston Gardens,
    Fairhaven water gardens South Walsham, Pensthorpe, Mid.Norfolk Railway
    1940’s war time weekend etc. Can’t wait to go visiting BUT in SAFETY.

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