February Oasis Blog

You know vaccines are like the buses. None come along for ages and then four arrive in short succession. No sooner had I been jabbed on the Sunday morning in early February, did I get 3 more invitations for a first  jabs.  I can only conclude one was for me, the gorgeous Beccie, one for my much older, uglier similar looking brother and two more to sell on the black market to the highest bidder!

I would think judging by the age demographic of Oasis by the end of this month most of us will have had the first jab and doing somersaults in our living rooms.

So how was the “Beast from the East 2” for you.  It was quite bad in my neck of the woods with many roads blocked and much traffic disruption, not that I had first experience as I’m shielding at the moment.  It even curtailed my daily walks for a week.  I think we had over 2 feet of snow!

Perhaps soon with infection rates dropping and Boris’s recent announcement we might be back to the “rule of 6” in April and we could resume our monthly outings. Theresa get your thinking cap on!

Red parade

If there is an anniversary celebration, this month marks the last face to face Oasis meeting that we had at St Georges Hall, the theme being RED, for the month of loove, and a make up demo by Jolie, Theresa’s daughter. It was a good turnout and a lasting memory of good times.

Small collection

So what have you been up to during this lockdown.  Lucy keeps active in the garden, Joanna is building rolling stock for the ‘0’ gauge railway and Michelle is dealing with a computer crash. I know Vicky has had another clothing purge and is just waiting for the charity shop to reopen so she can provide them with some new stock!

I decided I would sort out all my court shoes and get them classified into colour order, a job I’ve been meaning to do for ages. I may not have a Manila Blahnik or a Kurt Geiger or even a Christine Louboutin as Serena dreams of owning, but my modest collection keeps me going.

This month of course is LGBT History month and what a good read I had of Lilly’s Oasis Sport News.  I notice they have produced a new all inclusive Pride flag, sort of, at last putting the “T” into LGBT.  That’s  us near the top left-hand corner of the flag!

Keep those stories coming in.

Hopefully when you read my next blog in March (I know you cannot wait) not only will the daffodils and many other flowers be open but hopefully so will the rest of the country!

Stay safe.

Beccie x