Rights of Trans people zoom meeting


We have received a very interesting communication from Transactual regarding the current controversy over the rights of Trans people.

Good evening,

 I hope that you are doing as well as you can, given the circumstances. With the leaked information that the government is considering rolling back trans people’s rights under the Equality Act (2010), it’s really important that we all speak out against it together. We, like many other organisations working to advocate for trans people, are encouraging people to write to Boris Johnson and to their MP to explain why any removal of our right to access the appropriate toilets is a threat to trans people’s safety and dignity. We’re also asking people who are fortunate enough to have a supportive employer to ask the CEO of their company to write to Boris Johnson too. I’ve attached a leaflet with more information as well as some template letters.

If you run a group and would like a member of the Trans Actual team to appear via Zoom (or similar) to talk about trans rights, how to engage with your MP, or another topic then please do get in touch.

And finally, we launched our website a few months ago – it’s packed with information about trans people’s rights, clearly dispels many of the myths and also has a regular blog. If you haven’t seen it, do take a look: www.transactual.org.uk

Many kind regards,

Chay Brown Pronouns: he/him

The offer has been made for one of their members to address a zoom meeting for us in order to discuss the issues and how we can move forward. In order to know if this is something our members wish to do, please contact Oasis.


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  1. I have written to my MP but as yet no reply other than an automated one saying that unless one full name and address were included (in the letter/email) it wouldn’t be replied too. Well, it did have my full name and address but still no reply. Is he waiting for a government announcement first I wonder?

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