A poem by Tania

My Little Home

Welcome to my little home,
I live here all on my own,
and when I close the door at night,
there’s never fuss and never fights

I can be who I want to be,
and live my life of fantasy,
I never have to justify,
and never have to tell a lie

Suspension of reality,
as long as i want it to be,
to grow the one inside of me,
like buds upon a winter tree

Until the day that I believe,
when I can walk and I can breathe,
and take my place, no compromise,
to see the world through Tania’s eyes

Welcome to my humble house,
where I used to be a timid mouse,
but now my eyes are open wide,
I have released the one inside,
to flourish like the crocus flower,
day by day and hour by hour…


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2 thoughts on “A poem by Tania

  1. Hello Tania
    Speaking as someone who has crossed the threshold in to womanhood very recently, I can say it has been an overwhelmingly positive experience, being me, just myself is oh! so liberating, I still work for the same firm, I have been with them now for almost 20 years now, the only difference is now I walk the shop floor in a skirt with a different badge
    None of my colleagues have a problem, nor my customers, old and new, so many people are interested and very supportive, it’s a lovely feeling of belonging

    I don’t have to worry about meeting people I know when I’m out shopping, everyone knows, I have no secret to keep, my clothes and all my girl stuff need n longer be hidden which is also very liberating.

    Since transitioning I have become more popular too, I am constantly told I am a much nicer happier person now, I have become much closer to my friends in and out of work, I am much more comfortable socially, and everything just feels right, it’s obvious to everyone who knows me that I am totally comfortable with my presentation, and this is the real me, not an act of some sort

    I have practically boundless self confidence now, I walk proudly through my village and local market town, and life feels like it’s just properly started, I have more drive, focus and energy in everything I do, my creative intelligence is alight and I see the future as nothing but positive, so if your still undecided, my advice is go out and be yourself, everything good follows from that…
    Love Julie x

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