The Fairhaven Five

Friday 18th September in the year of our Lord 2020 a few Oasis ladies did meet at Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden, South Walsham.

A socially distanced walk

Serena, Beccie, Joanna, Lorraine and myself Theresa, was a small enough group to fall within current social distancing rules and at the same time staying safe by meeting at an outdoor venue. The weather was kind to us, plenty of sunshine but the wind was a challenge especially while eating lunch trying not to mix long hair with food.

Meeting at 11:00 am gave us plenty of time to fill up on teas and coffees followed by a light  lunch. During lunch there was still no sign of Joanna but as we eventually found out she was already en-route around the wooded garden trail. Via text we did remind her of our plan to lunch before walking, anyway we eventually set off along one of the woodland trails and met up with Joanna.

A socially distanced sail.

The woodland consisted of mapped out walks of varying lengths, I think we chose the shortest route so as not to use up too much tea drink time ️.

The whole area is a privately owned part of the Norfolk Broads, we followed the map in search of water and was not disappointed to find a lovely part of the broads complete with a yacht making good use of the wind. Shame that Covid restrictions meant we could not take a boat trip ourselves.

A bridge too far from the tearoom!

Well all that walking was thirsty work so we headed back to the cafe area. Teas and coffees all round, followed by another because non of us wanted the day to end, at least until we looked around and could see the place was almost empty and near the 5:00pm closing time.

We said our goodbyes and agreed let’s keep these garden visits going for as long as possible this year, they’re fun and a rare opportunity to socialise in person.

Next outing will be Friday 9th October, venue TBA, many places close at end of September and others have Covid restrictions so choice is limited but it will happen.

These Oasis trips are all subject to Covid restriction in place at the time of the trip.

Theresa x

4 thoughts on “The Fairhaven Five

  1. Glad you enjoyed yourselves. I wished I could have joined you. I tempted fate in recent communication by saying touching (olive) wood I was heading off for a week in the sun of Zante. Big brother obviously spied on this communication and sure enough we were advised twenty four hours prior to our return we would have to self isolate for fourteen days on our return. A sensible move you may say after the Greek government recorded just one new case on the Thursday and Friday. After Boris’ latest message of doom what are we going to do now. Personally I am confused as to whether this is a pandemic or a dam panic.
    Today we complete our fourteen days without a single communication of HM government, Social Services or anybody. Just in time of course for the meteorological end of summer and a few cold days beckoning.

  2. Many thanks Teresa for organising another excellent garden visit, we had a lovely walk and chat.
    You did well on the SUN strength but a little more work needs to be done on WIND!
    Looking forward to another day out on the 9th October.
    Love to all. xx

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