September Oasis Blog

A month of Thanks

The beautiful Beccie

I remember writing in July about my concerns with infection rates running at 600 a day and never giving any new change from lockdown a chance to work.  Well here we are in August with an infection rate of 6000 a day and the possibility of further local/national lockdowns if the “r” rate can not be reduced!  So my first thanks go to the Boris and his decisions and U turns.  Is it a pandemic or dam panic!

We mustn’t be complacent, and should always be on guard, but we are very lucky that the infection rate in Norfolk is one of the lowest in the country. In fact I’ve heard from a reliable source that most of the Covid positive cases in the NNUH are holiday makers.

Lorraine and Theresa

My next thanks go to Theresa.  She only been with Oasis for less than a year, but she has blossomed during this lockdown and is instrumental  in organising (or scheduling as she puts it) all the garden visit this summer.  Will we see you at the October garden visit?

Petra and Loraine are next to be thanked, who have purchased the full licence for Zoom, which has allowed us to run the Zoom meeting we have held each month instead our our normal meetings.  Our last meeting in September was again well attended and it was good to see the return of our illustrious leader, Serena.  Lorrain tell us that she has got to know more of us at these Zoom meeting that at the regular meetings.

Serena is next to be thanked, who has arranged to meet new people who contact the website asking for support or help.  She is always non judgemental in her approach and she has steered Lucy, Julie, Roxy and many other from isolation towards acceptance and the start of their gender journeys.

Next I want to thank all our story tellers, book reviewers and poem creators for their contributions to the posts over the last few months and the comments from those who read them.

Finally I been digging into the Oasis archives again this month.  September is always the month that Venetia and Serena do the food.  I do miss apple crumble and custard!  Well in September 2017 were were entertained by Jaya and Bridget, friends of Serena to a musical soiree.  Serena and Carol (an Oasis visitor from Sussex) also gave us a poetry rendition.

Well that it for October.  See you in September.

Beccie x