Our Mary

It is with great sadness that I learnt from Mary’s daughter, Mandy, that Mary, her father had died on Wednesday 9th December. She was in hospital for a prolonged stay and was then discharged into a care home for end of life care.

I first met Mary at Barbara’s house, when I started to attended Oasis many many years ago. She was a quiet reserved lady. She was a regular Oasis lady for many years both at Barbara’s and later at St Georges Hall.

When I found out from Mandy about Mary I put together a photobook for Mary to remember her time at Oasis. Unfortunately she passed away before she had an opportunity to look at the book. However I hope Mandy will, when the time is right view the book and fondly remember her father and the other life she led.

Below are some of the images that featured in the photobook. Our thoughts go to Mary’s family.

God bless you Mary. We love you.

3 thoughts on “Our Mary

  1. Mary was a lovely lady. I will miss her. Barry and I visited her at her home a couple of years ago. She had just come out of hospital then. I don’t think Mary let on just how ill she was. She was determined to try to carry on as long as she could. She was a very independent lady. May she rest in peace.

  2. Such sad news of Mary’s passing.
    I hadn’t known her long but I usually sat with her (and Rosie) and we would have a good chat about market gardening, what to grow, when and how to go about it.
    I will certainly miss our chats.

  3. Rest In Peace Mary, Pain and suffering free, A true lady…. Condolences to the family… Sian & Jane

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