Thursford Enchanted Journey of Light

Carers meeting

How fortunate we were to have chosen a date just two days after the second COVID-19 national lockdown ended, so looking forward to going out somewhere other than a supermarket, grocery shopping.

Thursford was our chosen venue for a December Oasis ladies outing and it was fabulous.

Claire, Jules, Beccie, Lorraine and myself, Theresa met outside in the car park and awaited our allocated entrance time slot, there were no crowds or queues, very promising from the start and throughout the journey it was well laid out with lots of space and safety in mind.

The Journey consisted of different sections, each with a different theme, the displays were magical like walking into a fantasy land with an atmospheric mix of animated models, lighting and music.

Who wants a sweetie?

The beginning of the journey was an outside festive street scene with an opportunity to purchase gifts and other Christmas paraphernalia, brollies were needed to protect from the freezing rain.

Claire reminiscing!

Quickly moving around the one way system we found shelter and warmth inside the main building and things began to get magical, we walked through the various displays with festive wintry themes with lots of polar bears, penguins, Santa’s, elves etc. and more with some animated, every direction you looked there was something amazing to see. This was all built around the existing steam engine museum much to the delight of Claire who used to drive such machines in her younger days, she was totally absorbed while walking around the magnificent steam traction engines.

Ugly bugs parade

Half way round was a large hall with a stage and cafe, time for coffee and some live music, the audience was pretty much ignoring the singer until Beccie stood up and gave very loud applause, I did ask please don’t encourage any more singing, sounded too much like karaoke to me.

To avoid further embarrassment we moved on, some bugs were next all with moving heads and arms.

The main stage

The light show around the main stage area was wonderful, we sat for a few minutes to watch.

Beccie’s gone quackers!

Moving on we found ourselves back outside in a fairground, dodgems and all. Beccie could not resist showing off her skills with the ducks, a couple of quacks and a teddy bear was the prize.

Further on was an area with some fantastic lighting displays, unfortunately the weather was so bad all we could do was pass through as quickly as possible without much appreciation of what was on display, this is how the Thurston website describes this final part of the journey

“a beautiful, breath-taking festival of luminous sculptures, from a fantasy forest of jungle animals to the wilds of the North Pole”

Wishing you all a happy Christmas

Returning to the site entrance was a welcoming café, plenty of space to seat safely and enjoy warming food and drinks.

Before leaving it just had to be carols by the Christmas tree.

Thursford have adapted well to the COVID restrictions and put on a fabulous show, I would recommend to anyone get a ticket and visit, something for the grandkids even after Christmas?

Hope to see you all soon, some of you on Zoom.

Happy Christmas

Theresa x

PS  – All images follow Covid-19 restriction. Image manipulation has been used to give the impression we were closer to each other!

Look out for our January trip out!

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