April Oasis Blog

This month has seen a country slowly emerging from a lockdown. With schools going back in March and non essential venues opening up soon after it is good to see that infection rates still seem low.

Just recently we celebrated our ” half the UK population vaccinated” milestone, infection rates have fallen considerably as have hospital admissions. Lets hope none of us do anything foolish and we can have an enjoyable summer. I know Serena is thinking about how and when we can safely reopen our Oasis doors again!

In my blogs I always like to look back to better times at Oasis. I’m going to whisk you back to 2016. It was the year we were introduced to Cruella de Vil (aka Serena) and her scruffy little mutt. The theme was a fancy a dress party and there was a good turnout. Who would have believed that Cruella de Vil would not only have taken first place but many years later become the headmistress of the group. There were also wins for Jenny and Vicky. What to find out what else happed at Oasis in 2016 click on this link.

On the 23rd April our Oasis monthly trips out started again after a 5 month relapse. The last time we were able to met was at Thursford in early December. Theresa our trip facilitator yet again choose the perfect day with wall to wall sunshine. To find out more about our great safari adventure click here.

Once again we held our monthly zoom meeting with three talks around the theme of music. Timiya talked about church organs. I’ve seen people play these and am still mystified how with two feet and two hands you can play with up to 4 manuals(keyboards), hundreds of stops and a pedal board (keyboard) below. The only instrument I ever been managed to be able to play in my lifetime is the fool.

Dee talk about how music had changed from vinyl records, to CDs and now to downloads and thousands of tracks on one device the size of a slice of bread. Now you don’t need a garage to store all your music. I wanted to be musical, but learning music proved impossible for me. “FACE” was fine but “Every Good Boy Does Fine” completely confused me as I was a Girl!! My mother many years ago bought me a guitar and Bert Weedon’s “Play in a Day”. The guitar still sits in the corner, the book long gone!
Finally we had a lovely true story from Serena about the choice of her femme name and that her descendant on her mother’s side of the family was James James who composed “The banks of the Rhondda”. His father, Evan James, wrote the lyrics that eventually became the words of the Welsh national anthem. All my ancestors are skeleton in the closet. Even I was in the closet in my younger days!

We still get lots of enquiries through our website and we have over 100 who are registered to receive our posts. Oasis is alway keen to support new people, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our outing in May will be to Stody Hall. Their annual Rainbow day is planned to take place on Saturday 22nd from 1pm to 5pm. A post will come out soon with more information about the day. I do hope you can make the day. It’s an opportunity to be “OUT and PROUD “.

Well that about all. Look forward to perhaps seeing you at one our our trips out for an ice cream and a chat, or on zoom in May.

Stay safe.

Beccie x