Dear Oasis ladies, partners, friends and allies.

Well, we did it! A slightly more downsized version of how I imagined the ‘grand reopening’ would be, but, nevertheless, we returned to St George’s Hall after an absence of 17 months. I could not predict how many people there would be. There were so many uncertainties. Some had prior commitments. Some are still nervous of the dreaded Covid virus still lurking out there. Some did not like the restrictions I imposed. And some, for reasons beyond their control, had to pull out at the last minute.
However, those of us who attended very much enjoyed the ‘different’ evening. It was great to see ‘old’ faces after so long away. Thanks to Emma-Jane, such a stalwart, who was there to help set out the room and clear up at the end.
There were two new ladies, and their attendance made the whole evening worthwhile. Georgie had been once before, many years ago, but I hope will now be a regular member. Donna had previously met up with Beccie and Vicky, and Theresa and Lorraine but this was her first time at St George’s Hall. Both ladies were very nervous on arrival but I hope we were able to allay any fears. We very much enjoyed their company and I hope they will join us on a regular basis.

What of the future?
Hopefully, September will go ahead on similar lines. Thereafter, I will need to review the situation as it develops. We are already seeing an uptick in Covid cases, hospitalisations and fatalities. This was predicted as we head into winter but the scale of the increase will determine how safe it will be to continue Oasis throughout the winter. We will need to await news of booster vaccinations and further guidance on group meetings in enclosed spaces. (It will not be acceptable to have all the windows and doors open throughout the winter months.) It would be a difficult decision to close Oasis again until the Spring, but this is always a possibility.
Watch this space for updates about the meeting on 18th September. Book early to avoid disappointment!

Love and best wishes to you all,
Serena x


  1. Glad members were able to get together again. So glad (!) Petra and I couldn’t make it as regrettably Thursday I tested positive for COVID. Petra is still negative and now I feel like I am on the mend, (still no taste buds). neighbours have been very kind dropping off groceries
    Keep safe all, the virus is not letting us go easily and thank goodness for the double jab

  2. Wonderful to see everyone meeting in person and enjoying each other’s company. Well done to all those who made this a reality. Looking forward to future updates.
    Lauren x

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