August Oasis Blog

How the months fly by. I was only remaking yesterday as I sat down for dinner around 8pm that the nights were drawing in and it was almost dark. There was always a greater turn out at Oasis in the winter months compared to the summer ones, as in the winter it was easier to get out the house dressed in the dark, as you were unlikely to meet your neighbour mowing the lawn or weeding the borders (just watch out for dog walkers).

I’m very fortunate that my immediate few neighbours know about me and certainly for a good number of years I have tried to merge the two halves of my life. Virtually all of my family and friends know and I don’t run inside the house anymore when the postman or delivery van calls. In fact there is an urban myth that most of the time I’m up on the roof in my miniskirt!

However I believe I’ve reach a status quo. I’m happy to gender oscillates, having no intentions to fully transition or change my identity ( bank, driving, licence etc).

So we come to a trip down the Oasis memory lane. Traditionally at Oasis August was the month we let our resident chefs off the hook and had fish and chips delivered from the local chippie. We always tried to make it a semi formal sit down meal, and Vicky would do one of her famous quizzes.

The image this month is of such an occasion in 2015. If you scrutinise the picture you may notice a young star in the making, Serena, pointing to the lady next to her and saying ” Yes in a few years time I could run this group!!”

Theresa our outing organiser has not been relaxing over the summer holidays. We had a lovely day at the tail end of July at Hoveton Gardens and by the time this post comes out a small group of us will have visited Bressingham Gardens to see the garden in bloom.

At the beginning of the month I organised a trip to Mid Norfolk Railway for their “Railway at War” day. It was a good turnout of 10 of us, and it was so nice to meet up again as we had done 2 years previous. Weather was not great but we all had a good time. Read the post here!

Also this month saw our first f2f Oasis meeting since February 2020. Click on this link to read more.

Well that about it folks, so until next month, stay safe and well.

Beccie x