Bressingham Gardens Review

Saturday 28th August was the date chosen for an Oasis gathering at Bressingham Steam & Gardens.

Beccie, Lauren, Timiya, Jules & Pam, Lorraine and myself Theresa met at 11:30 at the café adjacent to the carousel ride. Wasn’t quite the quiet cuppa and lunch that I expected, Saturday it seems was the family and screaming kids day and that along with the music from the carousel ride was hard to hear yourself speak. Anyhow despite the long queue we all eventually had our fill of teas coffees, chips and sandwiches.

Fully refreshed, before hitting the gardens, Timiya, Jules and Pam headed for the carousel ride. Lots of smiley faces on the ride but hard to see Jules, Pam & Timiya on the inner gallopers.

Next off to the gardens which were a delight, many flowers in full bloom and multiple shades of greens set amongst lovely manicured lawns.

During a previous Oasis visit to Bressingham we never got as far as Foggy Bottom, So with some determination we strolled on following various signs along the Foggy Bottom trail. On arrival we found a map and headed off to make a complete circuit of the area, was a lovely extension to the previous gardens complete with a large pond and bridge walkways.

We lost sight of Beccie at one point but found her relaxing at Foggy’s Bottom.

All that walking was thirsty work so off we trekked back to the cafe for more teas, coffees and muffins. By now the sun was at last starting to make an appearance and Jules was regretting her decision to wear a warm woolly dress.

Timiya, Jules & Pam had purchased full ride tickets and were keen to use them for a steam train ride, somehow without actually bribing the ticket inspector we were all let on the train for a ride around the grounds pulled by a small steam driven locomotive, was quite fun rattling along the track taking in the views.

After the train ride we were running out of time to do to much more so we decided to stay until closing time at the café, Lauren, Timiya and myself took a quick tour of the steam museum before returning for one more drink with the others.
I have to say the company and conversation along with the fun, pretty and interesting venue made for a fantastic day enjoyed by all.

See you all soon.

Theresa x

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