September Oasis

When Serena set out the tables for our second f2f Oasis meeting she wondered why so few had expressed an interest in coming. Apart from concerns over an increase in covid cases, last minute illness and other unexpected reasons she had counted 13 and carefully set 3 tables out with floral tablecloths and decorated flowers.

Was it because of the Strictly Come Dancing launch show that had reduced the numbers, or perhaps the 40s weekend at Sheringham.

Still we were pleasantly surprised that in the end we had more than we expected.

3 ladies joined us for their first time, Amelia, Lucy and Wendy. and Georgie and Donna joined us for a second time. We must be doing something right!

It was nice to be joined by Lorraine and Petra, taking a break from her busy schedule of interviews with the press over her recent article in the Womens Institute magazine.

It was nice to have an unexpected visit from Dee and Tina.

There was much chat and support. We hope to see more of you next month.

Beccie x

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