East of England Gender Service

The Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health network (NCTHnet) launched a new national pilot in June 2021 for people who live in the East of England. A new service has been developed that is nurse and GP lead and based in two locations in the East of England. One base is in Cambridge and the second, yet to be identified, will be in Norfolk. The service will see patients who have been waiting on other Gender Clinics waiting lists on a “who has been waiting the longest” basis.

Who will the service see?
Initially the service will see patients aged 17+ who are already on a waiting list at one of the 7 NHS England commissioned Gender Identity Clinics (GIC). Patients will be given a choice to remain where they are, on the original waiting list, or be seen by the new service, which starts from June 2021.

Patients do have a choice and East of England (EOE) patients already held on a gender clinic waiting list will be offered the opportunity to be seen at the new service and transfer to that list or remain where they are. Patients will be contacted to confirm what choice they would like to make.

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