Oxburgh Hall September Outing

On Friday 24th, Katie, Beccie, Claire Jules & Pam, Donna, Lorraine and myself Theresa met at 11:30 in the cafe located in the hall itself.

Building site!

I knew the hall roof was being refurbished but have to say I was shocked to see actually how much scaffold was in place covering almost the entire structure, more resembling a building site rather than a historic building. Anyway, I put a positive spin on this and told everyone that we were actually privileged to witness this part of the building’s history, £6 million being spent on this particular project.

So we made the best of the facilities available and queued for the rather basic lunch menu, eventually all seated with food and drinks located in a room which looked like it’s previous function may have been part of the hall’s kitchen. All of us happy simply to meet and chat over a cuppa no matter where.

Following lunchtime refreshments we took a walk over to the potting shed and kitchen garden, lots of veg and herbs grown there but certainly non of these used in the current kitchen. Was a pleasant walk in the sunshine around the moat with surprisingly clear water, lots of fish (possibly roach with orange fins and tails) and even a whiteness of swans, I think we captured one of the last days of summer was really quite warm.
Not much in the way of gardens to look at so back to the house we went to look inside the few rooms which were available to view, I suspect much of the house and contents where packed away during building work. Some paintings were out on display showing various people connected to the building through the generations, quite interesting but nothing spectacular.

Oasis Tea party

Thirsty work gawping at all those historic paintings so off we went back to the cafe for cream teas (thanks Beccie), jam on first then the cream. and that’s how we finished the day.
Not the best of venues this time but was great to see everyone and join in with lots of humour and chat, we must do it again, maybe next month?

I personally will revisit Oxburgh Hall once the building work is finished, looks like a fabulous building from what could be seen.

Theresa x

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  1. Went there during our stay in Norfolk in August. Never expected it to be so covered in scaffolding but fascinating to see how they accomplished it.

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