November Oasis Blog


I’ve got 7 Christmas related events planned as we head towards Christmas day, a mixture of dinners and dances and probably 20 outfits to choose from so I’m looking forward to the many wardrobe malfunctions I plan to have! I celebrated my 30 anniversary of being in Norfolk and this year on my birthday will be the first visit to the famous Thursford Christmas extravaganza.
I shall be less than pleased if the omicron strain takes it all away. So with all my fingers and toes crossed I say farewell to November and look forward to December.

The one constant in my calendar for most of my 30 years in Norfolk has been those monthly visits to Oasis, First at Barbara’s house and then for the 10 years I ran Oasis with the sterling help from my wife Annie and the gorgeous Vicky, the chef to the stars.

One of the other constants in my tenure at Oasis was the horse racing nights which we ran every few years. Oasis has always been a chance to glam up and our race evenings were no exception. So I dedicate this month’s images to these events. Enjoy!

November also saw the beginning of the type of events we’ve traditionally have seen at Oasis pre pandemic, with the annual bangers and mash event. Although Vicky was not there to oversee the cooking, I’m sure Serena, Venetia and Rachel were concerned that they needed to make it as good as Vicky had strived to do. Attendees of this event were certainly given value for their money, with a mains, pudding and an “eyes down” bingo session with glittering prizes and a glittering assistant!

Serena also tells me that there are still places left for the Oasis Christmas meal on 7th December at the Marsh Harrier on the outskirts of Norwich in the evening. If you interested in joining us all contact here at

Also at the end of the month we saw our November outing. I cannot thank Theresa for the skill in coming up with the variety of events she has run over the year. Watch out Serena, she’ll be running Oasis next! This month it was lunch, a boat trip on the broads and afternoon tea. Look out for the review of the event.

Now it time to get my prayer mat out and hope Boris doesn’t do another “U” turn. Stay Safe

Beccie X