Calm After The Storm by Theresa

On Sunday 28th November a group of us girls planned to meet at Horning, Norfolk for what was hopefully going to be a pleasant day out with a boat trip. Storm Arwen threatened to ruin the day but off we travelled anyway, greeted with sleet coming down for most of my journey to the boat.
We planned to meet at The Galley, a deli/café promising delicious homemade food. They did not disappoint!

At around 11:00am, Serena, Beccie, Lauren, Donna, Lorraine and myself sat down and ordered what turned out to be breakfast rather than something from the lunch menu, I think it was Lauren who piped up and said well I’ve not had breakfast yet, so much sausage and eggs  where quickly consumed with avocado and mushrooms for me  followed by hot drinks to warm us ready for the Southern Comfort Mississippi paddle boat trip on the Norfolk Broads.

Beccie checking the boat was watertight!

We boarded the boat and paid the not so nice man who mis-gendered us but not something to dwell on while we were on an otherwise pleasurable day out.

The boat was bathed in lovely sunshine and the wind had dropped significantly. We were so so lucky after the weather had causing so much mayhem and damage over most of the country, it was like we were in the Calm After the Storm, quite surreal!

Inside the boat with the sun blazing through the large windows it was really quite warm as we set off along the River Bure with commentary from the captain of the boat. Each of us envious of the properties and moorings on the river bank, such an idyllic place to holiday or even live if you are fortunate enough. 

Further along the river Bure we turned towards Ranworth Broads, with the landscape, calm water and wildlife creating a tranquil idyllic picture, a relaxing experience.

The Norfolk Broads!

Sadly the boat trip was only for ninety minutes but this gave us time to once again visit The Galley for afternoon tea and cake .

I have to mention the outside lav at The Galley, great if you’re a Hobbit but for anyone else it was a challenge to use such a tiny room and quite amusing to enter through the small painted garden gate.

We left the cafe at closing time just in time for the weather to close in again, back to cold rain and sleet, fortunately the car park was not too far away.

Another lovely day out with the Oasis ladies, just a small number of us but that didn’t make the day any less enjoyable, I really can recommend joining future Oasis outings, us girls do like to have fun    

Theresa x

4 thoughts on “Calm After The Storm by Theresa

  1. Sounds like a fantastic day out. I would complain to the company regarding the misgendering. If you are presenting as female it is hateful to misgender you. If staff don’t have name badges, maybe suggest them. People feel more able to offend knowing identification of individuals is not easy. Any respectable company would not be happy and would want to know.

  2. I’ve emailed the boat company explaining the distress misgendering can cause and asked for my comments to be passed on the boat crew, I suspect the captain of the boat was actually one of the owners.
    Will post on here if I get any response from them.

  3. Good morning Theresa

    Thankyou for your email.
    I have spoken to the skipper that was onboard that day regarding this matter and he has said he apologised instantly afterwards .
    If the individual in question and yourself feel that this was not sufficient then I can only continue to offer my apologises on his behalf after the fact .
    We pride ourselves in our customer care and the crew onboard that day are well seasoned have received exceptional reviews all season and so it deeply saddens us to receive this complaint about them .
    We are also incredibly upset and disappointed to have been given a bad review on trip advisor on this issue before we were able to offer further apologies .
    The person in question is very considerate and has assured me that it was very much a genuine mistake and slip of the tongue and has expressed his sincere apologies .
    Once we reopen in March we will ensure that all staff now receive extra training in this area.
    Once again please accept my own apologies and I sincerely hope the individual affected will also accept them if you would be so kind as they’re proxy to pass them on .
    Please feel free to discuss this on a more personal level if necessary by calling our office on 01692630262 .

    Yours Sincerely Beki

  4. Fantastic. Looks like a result. Not sure if you can edit/add to trip advisor reviews. Might be worth a try. At least the company was responsive. Extra training, made aware of issues. I feel very strongly about this. I don’t pass very well for female, if I every went out (which I would love to do.) one fear I would have is being deliberately mis gendered, alerting less observant people who would then notice.
    So pleased you got a good response.
    Amanda Dubois

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