October Oasis Blog


Why do I feel that we are heading for a repeat of last Christmas lockdown measures. Infection rates, hospitalisation and death rates now edging ever upwards. I suspect based on the number of ‘U’ turns this government have made so far, get ready for a sudden change from plan A to plan B, probably around the beginning of December.

Still on a cheerful note let’s take you down memory lane to better times at Oasis. October for more years than I can remember, first at Barbara’s house, the founder of Oasis and then at St Georges Hall was the Bangers and Mash, two course sit down waitress served meal. It was often the highlight of the Oasis calendar. Vicky and Annie our resident chefs would work tirelessly to produce a main meal and pudding, and 2 or 3 waitresses suitably attired would be on hand to serve. The quality of the waitresses being not one pea fell on the floor!!

This month again saw much reduced numbers in our face 2 face Oasis meeting. I’m sure people are still apprehensive about returning to these meetings, but Serena has always had your safety as priority and will continue to do so. Window will stay open as long as she can, but there will come a time, perhaps when icicles are forming on the edges of the tables, that the windows will have to close.

Unfortunately roses were not this month must go to event, as there were no takers in the end for the trip to Peter Beales Roses in Attleborough. Theresa get your thinking cap on for November’s outdoor visit! Somewhere warm and well ventilated. Perhaps the Caribbean!

Don’t forget that there may still be places for the Oasis Christmas meal at The Marsh Harrier on the southern outskirts of Norwich. This will take place on Tuesday 7th December. If your interested and have not told Serena yet then let her know by clicking on this link and complete the on-line form at the bottom of the post.

Finally can I take this opportunity to wish you a happy Halloween evening. Your chance to dress up in that witch outfit and go Trick ‘r Treating. With a bit of creative makeup no one will recognise you! It’s even Covid safe being outside.

Beccie x